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Prentice Hall, Frommer's, Architectural Digest, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunset Publishing Corporation, Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge University Press, Duke University Press, C & K Magazine, Gardening HowTo, Gardening Australia Magazine, Twin Lights Publishers, Waste News, Craft & Art Magazine (South Korea), New Welsh Review, Crain Communications Inc., Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, International Journal of Art and Design Education

Government and Non-Profit

Monterey Bay Aquarium, US National Park Service, National Museum of Australia, AARP, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, University of Baltimore, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (Australia), Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney, Maybeck Foundation, Bay Area Book Artists, British Columbia Wildlife Park (Canada), U.S. Army Research Laboratory


BBC, Baltimore Ravens, Santa Fe Opera, Intercontinental Hotel Boston, Mazer Corporation, Mastertag, Mavenspire, Inc.,, The Postcard Factory (Canada), Souvenir World (Australia), White House Gear


Panther Management, Grant Scott & Hurley, Thayer Interactive Group, Epic Cycle Interactive, Bridge Associates LLC, Neil Locke & Associates, Molly Duggan Associates, HSR Business to Business, Firebrand

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