Terms of Use and Copyright Notice

On this website, I have made available a large collection of my images for the viewing enjoyment of the public. I had two goals in doing so: First, I want to let people view places that I had the privilege to visit and photograph that they may not otherwise be able to see in person. Second, I have also made these pictures available as resource for people interested in purchasing prints and licensing images for reproduction. From print sales and licensing fees, I earn a living which allows me to support my family and pay for my photography business expenses which can be substantial.

I receive many questions about using my images and so on this page, I will clarify the terms of use and define when and how my images can be used, and when the usage requires payment. After reading this page, if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Note that all of the images and text appearing on this site are copyright by Stephen Bay unless otherwise noted. Every image has been registered with the United States Copyright Office and no images are in the public domain.

Paid Use

Generally, reproducing images for distribution to the public requires payment. For example,

  • using the image to illustrate a concept in a magazine article
  • using the image as a book cover
  • using the image on a company or commercial website (this includes any website with advertising)
  • using the image in professional presentation where attendees have paid to attend or the speaker or staff receive any remuneration
  • using the image in a brochure, flyer, or poster
  • using the image in corporate report

Please see my licensing page for further information.

Note that designers and editors may use the images on my website for layout purposes ("comp use") without charge. However, final reproduction will require a licensing fee.

Free Personal Image Use

You may use the images on my website for personal use that is non-commercial and private. For example,

  • using the picture as a screensaver on your personal computer
  • printing it on your home printer and incorporating in a scrapbook
  • emailing the picture to your mother
  • using the photograph as the basis for a painting or illustration. (However, if you sell or license your work then you will require a license from me.)

For these uses, my images may not be altered or cropped and the copyright notice must remain on the picture. Note that the reproduction of multiple copies, or the public display of my images will require additional written permission.

Image Use by Non-Profit Organizations

Generally, image use by non-profit organizations will require payment. Free image use is only allowed in limited circumstances when

  • the organization has no paid staff members
  • no membership fees are charged
  • the image is not being used for fund-raising
  • printing and reproduction fees are being donated as well

Free use will require prior written permission and may involve additional conditions such as a copyright notice and/or a link to my website. Please contact me with details to discuss.

Image use for Personal Non-Commercial Websites

If you would like to use an image on this site for your own personal, non-commercial website or blog, you will need to obtain prior written permission from me. In addition,

  • you must display the image without any changes or alterations (cropping is not permitted)
  • you must provide an active link back to bayimages.net.
For example, an acceptable notice would be
Photo by Stephen Bay / bayimages.net

You may use the following HTML code:

	<a href="http://bayimages.net/">Photo by Stephen Bay / bayimages.net</a>

Student Use

If you are a student, you may use an image for a school report or a homework assignment. You must not make any changes or alterations and the notice "image copyright Stephen Bay / bayimages.net" must appear next to the picture. If the assignment involves creating a website, please see the requirements for personal non-commercial websites listed above and contact me.

Additional Terms of Use

  • If you enjoyed browsing my images you are encouraged, and I would greatly appreciate, a link back to any of the html pages on my website.
  • Hotlinking, or directly embedding images on another website, is prohibited.
  • Framing my website within another website is prohibited.

Finally, I spent much time thinking about the terms of use for this website and how to come up with fair and reasonable conditions. In this process, I was influenced by QT Luong and I'd like to thank him for sharing his ideas and thoughts on image licensing and usage.


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