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Czech Republic
Kutna Hora is a small town with a population just over 20 thousand and is located about an hour to the east of Prague by train. Visiting Kutna Hora provides a taste of small town Czech living and is a refreshing contrast from the bustling city of Prague.

Kutna Hora began as a silver mining town when rich ore deposits were discovered in the middle ages. The town was eventually responsible for minting much of Europe's silver coinage. During the silver mining boom, Kutna Hora's wealth made it extremely important politcally and economically to the point where it rivaled Prague. However, the city went into decline as the silver ore was gradually exhausted in the 16th century.

Sedlec is a suburb of Kutna Hora, located on the east end of town less than two miles from the city center. Sedlec is famous for the Kostnice Ossuary, or bone church.

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