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Montezuma Castle National Monument Photos

Arizona, United States
Montezuma Castle National Monument is located near Campe Verde, approximately 50 miles south of Flagstaff. Although the site was occupied by the Sinagua people from around 1100 to 1400 AD, the first European settlers believed the buildings to have been Aztec in origin (hence the name). At the site there are two main dwellings: Montezuma Castle is a large and extremely well preserved cliff dwelling. Its five stories and 20 rooms are recessed in the cliff face approximately 100 feet over the valley floor. Castle A is located right beside Montezuma Castle and was also occupied by Sinagua farmers. It was a large apartment-like building with nearly 50 rooms. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire around 1400AD and all that remains are a few portions of the walls and foundation.
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