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Ohio, United States
Cleveland is located on the southern shore of lake Erie, at the mouth of the Cuyahoga river. It was laid out by General Moses Cleaveland in 1796 and chartered as a city in 1836. The "a" was later dropped to fit the city's name on a newspaper masthead. After the civil war, Cleveland quickly grew and became a major industrial center: Charles A. Otis founded the Otis Steel Company and John D. Rockefeller estabilished the Standard Oil Company. In the 1880's there were over 88 refineries and Cleveland was the oil capital of the world. By 1920 Cleveland was America's fifth largest city. However, industry rapidly declined in the 1960s and the city went through a period of rust belt decay where many factories closed and people moved away. From 1950 to 1990 Cleveland experienced a 44% decline in population. In the 1980's Cleveland began attracting investment and started revitalizing neighborhoods such as The Flats where factories were turned into restaurants and nightclubs.

On this page, there are four galleries with 71 photos of Cleveland. Coverage includes pictures of the downtown area buildings, The Flats, Lakeview Cemetery and Garfield Monument, and the USS COD Submarine Memorial.

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