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South Korea
Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is inhabited by more than 10 million people, nearly 20% of the country's entire population. It is the fifth largest metropolitan city in the world and is located in the northwestern part of South Korea. Although the name has changed many times during thousands of years of Korean history, because the Han River runs through Seoul, it has always been an important center for trade in Korea. Today, it is the home of many successful Korean corporations including Hyundai, Kia, LG and Samsung.

Seoul has many important historical sites, including the palaces such as Changdeok, Changgyeong, Deoksu, and Gyeongbok that have been restored by the government and should not be missed by tourists. In addition, there are many beautiful parks and museums to see such as Namsan Park, the revitalized Cheonggyecheon stream, and the National Museum. Of course, any visit to Seoul should include several trips to its many large and eclectic markets.

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